2nd Sign of Zodiac
Modality: Fixed
Element: Earth
Ruler: Venus
Season: Spring
Metal: Copper
Stone: Emerald
Color: Green
Anatomy: Neck, throat

I am the contained bull, Venus’ child, the sensualist. My countenance belies my gentility for though I am rough and robust, I am also an ardent artist. Deriving pleasure from my abilities, I am up before all else willing to labour to the bone so I can measurably value myself. Unable to reconcile my social mask with my genuine core, I fear being misunderstood so I keep my sentiments stored in my soul and luxuriate in my sanctuary. Provide for myself, do I lavishly, provide for my loved ones, do I naturally, provide for the deprived, do I anonymously; vulgar displays of self-adulation disturb my humble bones. Patient, though I am, obstinate, am I also. Test my mettle not, for when I un-pull my punch, I am chaos incarnate. Make yourself not my target for my stampede’s wreck havoc. I am Taurus.