8th Sign of Zodiac
Modality: Fixed
Element: Water
Ruler: Pluto, Mars
Season: Fall
Metal: Steel, Iron
Stone: Topaz, Opal
Color: Gold, Purple
Anatomy: Genital organs, bladder, bowels

I am the stinging scorpion and the eminent golden eagle, Mars’ child raised by Uncle Pluto, I am the dark and the light. Pigeonholed as the dark knight, my depths remain explored only by myself. I am a creature who is understood by its actions; my eyes speak millions, my gestures are revelations and my touch is explosive. Strange natured am I, following the desires of my id whilst maintaining a spiritual dimension that keeps me grounded. Dual natured am I, God of war and God of the Underworld trained my reflexes then expelled me to Earth for a human experience; here I learn humility. In reptile mode, I can be venomous, narrow minded and selfish; when I am airborne, I am the altruistic royal, I see more than it’s safe for me to reveal, but my heart fills with compassion. Write me off as a stereotype if you must, but I am more than you will ever comprehend for I am the ultimate contradiction. Love and hate in the same package. I am Scorpio.