5th Sign of Zodiac
Modality: Fixed
Element: Fire
Ruler: The Sun
Season: Summer
Metal: Gold
Stone: Ruby
Color: Orange, Gold
Anatomy: The heart.

I am the leader lion, the Sun child, the majestic King. With power comes responsibility so responsibly I lead by example. Heart open, big smile and mane perfectly preened do I step onto my stage. Blessed with presence, strength and magnetism, I effortlessly attract all of the elements required to live lavishly. Glinting eyes hint at my insatiable appetite. Think I excessively luxuriate in my lair, apathetically whiling away the hours in wasteful idleness? Wrong! I work Smart so I have more time to play as I choose! Curiosity hasn’t killed this cat yet but it sure does try. Drama follows me because I court excitement. What’s life without thrills? I know who I am but why would I want to know my limits? I plan to keep pushing beyond my boundaries to see what I’m made of, for mental expansion and spiritual growth. My abilities are unsurpassed; my courage, unparalleled; my reputation, renowned; I am the magnanimous ruler of the physical plain. I am Leo.