3rd Sign of Zodiac
Modality: Mutable
Element: Air
Ruler: Mercury
Season: Spring
Metal: Mercury
Stone: Agate
Color: Yellow
Anatomy: Hands and arms; lungs

I am one and the other twin, Mercury’s child, conscious and subconscious. My body is the plain where Heaven meets Earth, spirit meets mind; polarities merge. Making sense of my sensations do I share my revelations and the world do I intrigue with my word. Social, Intellectual and Professional butterfly am I. In the centre of activity I lose myself, but not my objectivity. Contradictions are plentiful; I am man but when the winds shift, I am woman. Yet I am still man. Observing my metamorphoses you may watch in wonder, I refuse to be consistent for your comfort. From inconsistency comes idiosyncrasy and from that comes my personal art. Guess at my intentions; I know me to my depths. Test my bend-ability; you’ll never see me break. Chase me if you will, you’ll never catch me both. I am Gemini.