Hi, I'm Zakariya Adeel, a Chinese Astrologer who combines the Eastern and Western Astrology systems, Dream Interpretation and the mystic art of the Tarot in my unique readings, offering you no nonsense guidance and direction to manage whatever situation you are facing.

Learning from the past masters such as Theodora Lau and Suzanne White, I took what worked and dumped what didn't, ending up creating a new way to look at astrology combining both Eastern and Western methods.  Yes, I know this has been done before, but not the way I do it. Look out for my book: Secrets of the Combined Astrology, to be published through Dodona.

I started reading for clients professionally in my early twenties, currently, I write for a variety of magazines internationally, such as Prediction Magazine, Chat, It's Fate, Spirit & Destiny and the Beijing based Metrostyle.  As a mystic consultant for many high profile clients within the arts, I continue to give readings at various venues in and around London.

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E: agent@juliefoxassociates.co.uk

T: 01628 777853

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Thank You.

I wish you Love, Success and Fulfilment always.

Zakariya Adeel.


Sara K.
I wont do a reading with anyone but Zakariya.  In every instance of Zak doing a reading for me, i had felt it was the perfect timing for it.  I would feel his words and predictions linger in the back of my mind while I would see them come into fruition.  What I love the most is how Zak has such a fantastically insightful and honest way of speaking that I am gracefully given a few steps back to see my life with more perspective and direction.